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Made for Northstar
engines! Incudes;
32oz. Sealer, 16oz.
Liquid-Ice and
Extreme Sealer Additive...
Made for Subaru
engines! Incudes;
32oz. Sealer, 16oz.
Liquid-Ice and
Extreme Sealer Additive...
ON SALE: $169.99
ON SALE: $139.99
Made for Subaru
engines! Incudes;
32oz. Sealer, 16oz.
Liquid-Ice and
Extreme Sealer Additive...
ON SALE: $149.99
Non-Thickening! Will
causes seals to expand
to their original size.
6 Cyl Size: $62.99
8 Cyl Size: $72.99
No need to flush after use...
ON SALE: $52.99
8oz. Bottle for use
in transmissions
with severe leaks.
Just add and go...

codes! Turn-off trouble lights...
ON SALE: $69.99
OBDII & CAN ready,
works with all 1996
and newer vehicles.
Read & erase any

leave the deepest shine ever.
ON SALE: $29.99
Made by Dura-Seal® to
contain 25% more real
carnauba wax then any
store brand! This will
ON SALE: $39.99
Includes:  Restorer-Gel
Plastic Selaer, buffing
wheel and micro-
fiber towel...
Works Great!
One application lasts for years!
ON SALE: $59.99
Quiet's noisy engine
lifters fast & easy!
Stops noise other
brands can't touch.

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4 Cyl Size: $52.99
Ships FREE Today!
Ships FREE Today!
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We Custom-Mix Your Head Gasket
Sealer The Same Day You Order It...
Dura-Seal® Head Gasket Sealer is safe to use on all vehicles with aluminum components with no clogging of radiators or heater-cores. Our sealer is "Temperature Specific". Since we do not use water-glass as a base ingredient, we can configure the curing temperature of our sealer to your individual engines running temperature at the head, so it only cures at the head!
Online ordering available 24/7
Dura-Seal® head gasket repair sealer is safe to use on all newer vehicles with aluminum components with no clogging of radiators or heater-cores because, our sealer is "Temperature Specific", so it can only cure in the head gasket area. Since we do not use water-glass as a base ingrediate in our sealer, we can custom configure the curing temperature of our sealers...
If oil in the water or water glass sealer in system. Be sure to use this first!!!
ON SALE: $19.99
Jerky start? Trans shuttering when coming to a stop?
Just pour-n-go...
ON SALE: $39.99
Easily stops "Blue or Black" smoke from exhaust due to oil-blow-by...
Not for head gasket leaks!
ON SALE: $69.99
Repairs in under 150 miles...
Concentrated 16oz. bottle...
Dura-Seal® Head Gasket Repair Kits are "Custom-Formulated" for your individual engine. These kits stop all overheating & over-pressurization conditions and repair all head gasket leaks including external & internal leaks. Dura-Seal Lasts up to 5 years! No water-glass and no clogging, ever...
Leaking coolant from your Intake Manifold?
This liquid sealer kit is formulated to cure at the cooler temperatures of the intake area. 4, 6, & 8 Cyl. engines. Used safely on aluminum, steel, or plastic intake manifolds. Includes: 32oz. Intake Sealer, Dura-Seal Extreme Powder-pack, instructions.
ON SALE NOW: $109.99
Leaking coolant from your radiator or heater-core?
This is a non-clogging, leave-in sealer (32oz.).
Easily stops leaks in radiators, heater-cores, lower areas of engine block and freeze plugs. Just pour-n-go. Cannot harm system! Includes: 32oz Dura-Sealer & Instructions.
Not for head gasket leaks due to curing temperature difference...
ON SALE NOW: $59.99
Dura-Seal® is more advanced than other head gasket repair sealers. Our Head Gasket Repair Sealer stays flexible when cured so it expands and contracts with today's aluminum engines and lasts up to 5 years. We have a *Money Back Guarantee and provide you with a Free Replacement Warranty on all Head Gasket Repair Sealers and Oil Stop Leaks if you need more sealer to then typical to achieve a full-seal, (*certain conditions like S/H may apply, see Terms). So if you don't get a full seal, call us and we'll send you another free application to get you to the finish line...
Drain coolant system and run clean water through entire system. This will remove most contaminates. If you've used a water glass/silicate based sealer prior to using Dura-Seal®, you will need to purchase our "Water-glass Flush Agent" before using our sealer.

It's not required to remove the thermostat during a Dura-Seal® repair as our sealer cannot cure or clog that area, but, if leftin, it will slow the repair process by restricting the flow. Next, pour the Dura-Seal, and Dura-Seal® Extreme Packet into the radiator, (if no radiator cap) disconnect the upper radiator hose from the engine and pour sealers into hose (they will empty into the radiator). Next, fill system with clean water to proper level.

Idle engine for 20 minutes then turn off and let cool for 20 minutes, this is called a run-cycle. You must do at least three run cycles. Next, drive vehicle on road for 20 minutes with sealers still in system. Then, drain the Dura-Seal® out, (it is not required to flush Dura-Seal out, just drain) and later refill with new coolant, water and Dura-Seal® Liquid-Ice. First-time applications have a 98% success rate. Only 2% require a second *free application, (*which is covered under warranty). Typical repair-life is 5 years.
If you're engine has aluminum cylinder heads or engine block then any other brand simply will not work for you! Why? All other brands use "Sodium Silicate" or "water-glass" in their sealers. Water-glass actually turns hard and brittle when cured, it cannot expand or contract with the engine's aluminum parts so it simply cracks away.

Dura-Seal® is the only company to offer you a "non-silicate" , "no-glass" head gasket repair sealer. Most vehicles from 1998 up have aluminum cylinder heads. Almost all new Chevy's, Ford's, Chrysler's, Cadillac Northstar's, Subaru Outback's, all BMW's, Mercedes, Volvo's, Fiat's, Jaguar's, Mini Cooper's and more have aluminum cylinder heads and most have aluminum blocks as well.

You simply need a sealer like Dura-Seal® for todays vehicles. Dura-Seal® is the only non-silicate sealer available anywhere on Earth. Dura-Seal® stays flexible when cured so it can expand and contract with today's aluminum engines. This flexibility in our Dura-Seal® Head Gasket Repair Sealer offers our customers the highest success rate in the industry and an average repair-life of up to 5 years. That's performance...

Our repair kits come complete with everything you need to seal your head gasket...
706-400-0897 Tech Dept.
We Formulate & Custom-Mix Your Sealer The Same Day You Order It - Typical Repair Life Up To Five Years - Fast & Easy Repairs
dura seal head gasket reapir
dura seal head gasket reapir
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